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Dazzler's Disco - Page 2

Allison Goes to Hollywood - Again

One of Chris Claremont's greatest blunders while writing X-Men was that whole "Seige Perilous" thing which he subsequently admitted he'd done a lousy job of explaining. Given to the X-men by Romana, one of those omniversal and very self righteous types it was supposed to judge people and send them off to a new life. Since everyone thought they were dead the then Australia based X-Men found it handy to toss enemies into it after they beat them. When some pretty lame circumstances forced Psychloke, Colossus, Rogue and Dazzler to retreat into it what happened was (except for Rogue) they emerged thousands of miles away with no memory of their past lives. Allison turned up near the Californian home of her former employer, the singer and galactic thief Lila Chenney. Coincidentally with mutants being hot properties after the X-men supposedly sacrificed themselves to save the world (on national TV this time) a junior studio executive had dug the Dazzler movie out of the vaults and was pushing to get it released. Stumbling into Allison he managed to convince her to join him in marketing the film. All of this rather upsetting to the now drug addicted producer whose career had been ruined when "Dazzler : The Movie" crashed and burned however long ago it had been. He passed his time smashing mannikins dressed and looking like Dazzler and was delighted by the chance to have a shot at the real thing. After the first few comic relief attempts failed he had a bit more luck while she was on her way to the movie's premiere.

While she was out he dressed her in a copy of her old outfit so he'd be in the right mood to slice and dice. But being an ordinary (if psychotic) guy he had no way of neutralizing her powers.

At which point Allison realized she was in an unusual position for a heroine in distress. She couldn't break free and she couldn't fight him with her hands tied behind her back but there was nothing to stop her blowing a hole clean through him with her light powers. Nothing except her own conscience.

Definitely a different ending and I assume he untied her after he got off his knees. Anyway Dazzler's peace corp plans didn't last. Before too long she had her memory back and was blasting supervillains left, right and centre. Last I saw of her she had just discovered Longshot had knocked her up and they were planning to stay on Mojo's World to make sure that Mojo II : The Sequel didn't repeat his father's mistakes. As to what has happened to her since then I have absolutely no idea.
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