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Eye on the Storm - Page 2

Houdini Storm?

     Helpless and at the mercy of the world's cuddliest robotic prison warden 
the X-Men were beginning to crack up.  With the Antarctic base blocking 
Professor X's telepathic link to them and Cerbero's scans he had no way of
locating them and sending in the cavalry.  For those who are wondering the
cavalry would probably have been the Avengers as then-member (and former 
X-Man) The Beast was with them.  While he pondered the mess he had got 
himself into by looking for the missing X-Men in the first place Storm made 
her move.

Fortunately Nanny didn't make the headdress impossible to shake loose and Storm's second attempt was more successful than the first. Investigating an alarm lead Magneto into another battle with the X-Men which ended very explosively as his base was located under an active volcano. All involved barely escaped though Beast and Phoenix became separated from the others and landed in the Antarctic icefields while Storm and the others tunneled into the prehistoric enclave known as the Savage Land. Both groups thought the others dead and Magneto thought all the X-Men had been fried so he didn't look for them and instead chose to put world conquest on the backburner while he concentrated on healing from his wounds. But while Magneto wasn't an immediate worry Storm discovered that in addition to dinosaurs the Savage Land was also home to a few supervillians.

Click here for Art Adam's take on this scene
Anyway this first battle with Sauron was short and the X-Men won very quickly. When they next ran into him on their return to the Savage Land a few years later (in Marvel Fanfare 4, art by Paul Smith) Storm found herself Sauron's prey again.

In case you're wondering how they got into this mess let's have Sauron explain what he's been up to since their first encounter.

But all this was years away from that initial encounter and plenty happened to Storm in the years inbetween. For example ...

The full story of Storm's run in with the White Queen and the Hellfire club along with a few other binds she found herself in will have to wait until I do another Storm page. Which will be awhile as there's a lot of other heroines waiting for pages and updates. Until then as a special treat for those who like their heroines unconscious here's a bonus John Bolton pic of Storm unconscious and in peril from the back cover of Classic X-Men 11. As an extra bonus Storm fan De Ville Fo has acquired a scanner and sent these pictures for display Back to the first Storm Page

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