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"... Nor Iron Bars a Cage"

Having relocated from the East Coast to the West Coast and moved to San Francisco Tigra ran into the first Spider Woman (aka Jessica Drew) thanks to a kid named Mickey Silk in Spider Woman #49. Mickey was (presumably) a mutant with an uncontrollable psionic talent that caused chaos around him whenever he got upset. After an incident during a school baseball game that got him charged with arson he escaped police custody and ran into Tigra. Recognising that the kid wasn't bad, just scared and misunderstood she found him a hiding place while she tried to sort out what to do. Things got complicated as Private Eye Jessica Drew had been hired by Mickey's parents to find him. This lead to a cat fight between the two heroines which ended abruptly as Mickey's powers went haywire. Coming around to Tigra's opinion Spider Woman diverted the police who had come to investigate the commotion only to find that both Mickey and Tigra had disappeared. This had been happening a lot to Spider Woman, her friend Jack Russel (aka Werewolf by Night) and defeated supervillains Gypsy Moth and Daddy Longlegs had disappeared when her back was turned. It was in Spider Woman 50 (her final issue) that she discovered what was going on. It seemed a mad escape artist calling himself The Locksmith had set up his own private prison for paranormals. He seemed to think the decline of interest in human achievement (most noteably his escape act) was caused by the public being distracted by superheroes and supervillains. So remove them and he could become a star again. Anyway he had been using special stage sets to get close enough to his targets to grab them. Yes that's really farfetched but this is comicbooks after all. So cue the women in prison music.

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As you can see Tigra didn't deal well with confined and was a prime candidate for going stir crazy. She had to get out but unfortunately she hadn't reckoned on her captor's prescient assistant.
Foiled by Tick Tock's ability to see a minute into the future she tried making escape plans with Spider Woman.
Spider Woman's attempts to rouse The Shroud failed but the two heroines came up with an alternative.
The short version of what followed is that Spider Woman and Gypsy Moth's cells were blasted open, they managed to switch places before being gassed and easliy broke out of cells designed to neutralise each other's powers. Tigra was last seen in that issue trying to talk Mickey into being a superhero but the kid wasn't interested. After which Spider Woman died to wrap up her series but it turned out she hadn't died of anything serious so she came back a little later. Tigra became a charter member of the West Coast Avengers and far as I know stayed with them until all that Heroes Reborn alternate universe stuff. What she'd up to nowadays I have no idea.

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