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The Wasp's Hive - Page 2

Enter the Taskmaster!

Since no one had ever heard of him before naturally Janet asked who he was and why he was doing this?

With that he began a combat demonstration using moves that only Captain America and Hawkeye should have been able to do

Taskmaster explained he had a unique ability to copy any move he saw and he'd been studying the superheroes for years. Trying to find a use for his talent and having no interest in becoming a hero he had looked into villainy. But supervillains always lost and he wanted a more long term and lucrative future. Then he'd hit on the idea of becoming a middleman and training minions for supervillains. Which had worked well for years until Solomon's fiasco brought the Avengers sniffing around. After disposing of the doctor (well he was going to but Solomon's heart failed before he could kill him) he pondered what to do with the threesome.

But before he could do anything the Avengers broke in.

While the fight was going on Selbe made his move.

His students got pulversied but the Taskmaster got away. He had plenty of schools left in operation. If he's still in business I couldn't tell you. As for Janet and Henry they didn't live happily ever after but last I saw they had buried the hatch and while not intimate were friends again.
As to what she's up to these days from this pair of pictures De Ville Fo provided Jan still seems to be maintaining her reputation as a fashion leader. Check out the innovative collar she's modelling.

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