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Allison Blaire aka The Dazzler made her debut in X-Men 130 back in 1980. Disco wasn't quite dead yet so this disco designed heroine wasn't quite as lame as she later became. Anyway her powers were based on converting sound (usually music) into light and her primary ability was "dazzling" opponents by hitting them with light pulses that stunned them. I suppose she could also trigger epileptic fits if she was in a bad mood. Later on she figured out how to focus those pulses into laser bolts but when she helped the X-men infiltrate the Hellfire Club's Chicago base she was rather out of her league.

In case you're wondering that scene was an illusion cast by Phoenix. Also even if it is only an illusion it's the only picture around of the original, cosmic power level Phoenix gagged. Anyway after that Dazzler vanished back into comic limbo until she reappeared in Amazing Spider Man. Lightmaster, a former costumed villain turned energy being thanks to one of those unlikely comic book accidents, having dwindled to a spark last time he took on Spider Man needed her to recreate his body. He possessed her long enough to solidify himself then dragged her back to his lair for some supervillain type games.

Possessed by Lightmaster she became a very dangerous lady keeping Spider Man on the defensive. Eventually he managed to web her and forcibly reverse the merger which returned her to normal. Not long after that with disco definitely on its last legs Marvel gave Dazzler her own comic as an aspiring singer who was looking for her big break. She managed to gain a manager after a battle with the Asgardian villaness The Enchantress (who for the first time in her career suddenly seemed to want to be a singer) in a disco attended by about every hero in the Marvel universe for reasons that were never exactly clear. Considering that most of those heroines attended her audition it was surprising it took her manager so many issues to figure out that she had paranormal abilities. Marvel really laid on the heavy hitters for our novice roller disco heroine. First it was the Enchantress, later she took on the Hulk and Galactus but before she faced them she had to take on Dr. Doom in her third issue and both Doom and Nightmare in the fourth. The fact she nearly took out Doom in both issues just shows how devalued Marvel's one time top supervillain had become in the early eighties. Anyway Doom had finally got around to looking for the Merlin Gem that he had been after in his first appearance back in Fantastic Four 4. But it was in another dimension and he needed an expendable agent to obtain it.

Not surprisingly Dazzler protested that dimensional travel was very out of her league.

Shortly after arrival Dazzler attracted the attention of some hungry locals and quickly found out the drawbacks of relying on a radio to provide music she could convert to power. Namely that the Dark Dimension was a bit short on Top Forties stations. So she had no way of holding them off.

Luckily the creatures howled loudly enough to give her enough power to drive them away. Then after a run-in with an evil negative duplicate the ruler of the Dark Dimension decided to deal with her personally.

It was at this point that she discovered Nightmare was scared of light and despite bring on his home turf pretty wimpy. Which I guess just goes to show that Nightmare's usual opponent Doctor Strange could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he'd just carried a flashlight. Anyway Nightmare hands over the gem and Doom brings Dazzler home. At which point she nearly punches his ticket before collapsing from the strain of her recent exertions. Dazzler's comic limped along for a lot longer than anyone expected before it wrapped up with the Dazzler : The Movie graphic novel. Which had Allison making a movie after being outed as a mutie but the film was never released. A little later she shed the silver pantsuit and the roller skates for that blue leotard, abandoned her singing career and joined the X-men. Everyone figured that was it for her ambitions of being a star but while it hadn't been released the movie had been made.
This way for Allison's Hollywood Comeback Attempt

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