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(you didn't think DC had all the girls, did you?)

I've stated my fondness for DC comics but I've got plenty of material from Marvel that it seems a shame not to include. Currently there are only a few individual homepages; Beverly, Dazzler, Shanna, Tigra, Thundra, Venus and new addition Storm. The others won't be added for awhile yet. In the meantime click on the thumbnail for a larger image. More homepages will be added as time permits. -Grimbor

Alpha Flight

The cover's symbolic but inside you find Marrina in definite distress at the hands of a villain with the grandious title of "Master of the World". He's no pushover, luckily the Sub Mariner and the Invisible Girl/Woman tagged along on the rescue mission.

The Avengers

Beverley Switzler

Black Cat

Black Widow

Bonus Black Widow picture here The full cover can be found here

Boom Boom


To see how Clea got herself into this mess click here.

Dakota North


Dejah Thoris

For another picture of Dejah's life at stake click here


Invisible Girl

For the full picture with the whole FF click here

Sue's first tie-up was in FF#5 after Dr. Doom got her into his helicopter. As this is the only scene in the issue of her gagged we can only assume Doctor Doom hates backseat drivers. Click here to see it.

Later that issue Doctor Doom learned a valuable lesson. Next time tie her feet!

From FF277 Mephisto brings Sue to his Realm!

The cover to FF annual for 2000 is a bit deceptive It's actually Shakti who gets the drop on Sue and then blackmails Reed

Sue in her Image style costume in this donation from RP

Jennifer Kale

Bonus Jennifer picture


For a second view of Illyana's predicament click here

Marvel Girl

Mary Jane


Donated by De Ville Fo

New Mutants

Phoenix II

Click the picture for the outcome of Phoenix and Magma's illadvise attempt to infiltrate the Hellfire club. For a picture from Phoenix's days as a mutant hunting slave in an alternate future click here

For a mini picture (provided by De Ville Fo) of her time as a Hound click here


Red Sonja


For the X-Men cover this image is from click here

For British Comics Rogue images contributed by DeVile Foe click the links below

Rogue 1

Rogue 2

Rogue 3

Rogue 4

Rogue 5

Rogue 6

Scarlet Witch


Shanna the She Devil

She Hulk

Spider Woman

A striking cover but I imagine a lot of readers were disappointed there's no matching scene inside. The only people restrained in this issue are Spider Woman's mentor who is a prisoner of Morgan Le Fay and Jack Russel who has chained himself so he won't hurt anyone when he becomes a werewolf.

Believe it or not this one's accurate. The only missing detail is she has chained herself to him voluntarily. No, Jessica wasn't getting kinky; a more accurate title for this issue would have been "The man who could not die without a woman willing to plunge towards death with him." The man in question is one of those immortal schmuck's who figure immortality is a burden. Personally I'd give it a couple of millennia before deciding if I was cool with it. What's the hurry?

Anyway feeling sorry for the dolt Spider Woman joins him on his suicide dive. Not being an idiot she breaks free in midair and glides to safety while the former immortal impales himself and proves the curse is broken.





Bonus cover 1

Bonus cover 2




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