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     Half Kenyan, half African-American, Ororo Munroe seemed like the 
strongest of the X-Men's new members when she made her debut as Storm in  
Giant sized X-Men 1.  Choosing to staying with the team as of Uncanny X-Men 
94 she faced down Count Nefaria's Ani-men, heavily armed troops, demons and 
Sentinels without a qualm.  All agreed she was a very strong lady.  She 
seemed to have no weaknesses but that was an illusion.  Her run-in with the 
demons had hinted at her severe claustrophobia and Uncanny X-Men 102 showed 
just how badly if could traumatise her. 
     In the prvious issue she had joined Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Colossus
on a trip to Banshee's ancestral home in Ireland.  Unfortunately the place
had been turned into a trap by Banshee's vengeful cousin Black Tom Cassidy 
and his partner Juggernaut.  Falling into the dungeons the others were 
shocked by the way Storm just fell apart in the dank cell.  But they didn't 
have time to worry about that as while Banshee and his cousin fought the 
Juggernaut began mopping the floor with them.  Not that Storm just got to 
huddle there feeling sorry for herself.

Not surprisingly the X-men lost though Nightcrawler was rescued by the castle's leprechauns so he got to watch as Black Tom explained to his partner how they could use their prisoners to gain Juggernaut's revenge against his half brother, Professor X.

To make a long story short Nightcrawler tricked Juggernaut into smashing a hole in the wall. Which did wonders for Storm's mental health.

Once that battle was over the team decided to drop by the Muir Island Research Center as Banshee had promised Moira MacTaggert they'd check everything was secure. Turned out it wasn't as the hovercraft they'd hired was torn apart magnetically. Classic X-Men 12 revealed Storm had run into some problems they hadn't had space to show in Uncanny X-Men 104. By the way like the previous pieces all the art so far is by Dave Cockrum. It's just that these next panels were drawn a bit over ten years later hence the different look.

After making it to the island the team had their first run in with the original X-Men's all time arch foe, Magneto who had been restored to his prime. This was also when he began the transistion from evil mutant supervillian to an "ends justifies the means" mutant rights crusader. But at that moment his only concern was payback for his past defeats at the hands of the X-Men even if he'd never met most of the current team before. The battle ended without resolution as the X-Men had to stratgically withdraw to deal with the Erik the Red mess. Magneto counted it as a win and decided to make it a more decisive victory after he had taken the time to test his enhanced powers and consider new world domination plans. John Byrne had taken over the art chores when Magneto returned for a rematch in Uncanny X-Men 112 and this time when it was all over there was no doubt who had won.

A fate worse than death?! How are Storm and her friends going to get out of this mess?

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