The Wasp's Hive

The Wasp

This adventure happened back in the days when the Wasp was still Mrs. Janet Pym and nobody had a clue that a few years later she'd divorce her husband when he turned abusive and return to her original name, Janet Van Dyne. There was a definite phase during the mid to late eighties of old time comics couples seperated one way or another but I digress. Things had got rolling when a disturbed man who knew only that his name was Selbe tried to break into the Avengers mansion. A doctor and orderlies from the Solomon Institute for the Criminally Insane showed up to take him away but something about them bothered Janet but not the other Avengers. Acting on impulse she followed them and didn't come back. Still all the other Avengers knew was she had stepped out and not returned so they were reluctant to go breaking into an asylum without due cause. All except her husband but given his shrinking power (he was still Yellowjacket at this point) he could have a look around without upsetting the staff or patients. Recruiting the new Ant Man to lend a hand the two of them headed into the air ducts where they discovered the Solomon Institute was a front for a combat training center. In fact it seemed to be the place that churned out the minions their arch enemies always had. But before they could inform the other Avengers they were distracted by finding Jan. She had been spotted and gassed while looking for Selbe.

The guards were taken by surprise and it wasn't much of a fight.

Confronted by Dr. Solomon they learned that Selbe was a clone created by the doctor for a heart transplant before his own gave out. A plan upset by Selbe's breakout as Solomon was afraid his boss would find out. He had bigger worries as the trio pulverised his guards. Janet headed off to free Selbe while Yellowjacket and Ant Man covered her. Unfortunately Solomon's fears were realised as the Taskmaster arrived!

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