The Danger Room

The X-Men

With Chris Claremont back at the helm of the title he captained to comics superstardom (and was then dumped from by Marvel without even a chance to say goodbye!) just in time for the movie we may be in for a second wave of X-mania. Just in time as the overextended mutant books have been faltering these past few years. Which wasn't to say the post Claremont period was totally devoid of merit. Here's a few group pictures from the first Omega Red storyline from X-Men 5 to 7. In issue 5 Rogue, Jubilee (sadly obscured), Beast and Gambit had fallen into the clutches of The (Other {non nihilistic non Frank Miller}) Hand. A state of affairs that didn't endure too long.

Of course next issue all of them plus Cyclops were The Hand's prisoners again (is it just me or does Rogue look badly in need of a tan?). Also Psylocke had discovered that she was conditioned to obey The Hand's leader. A leftover from their former alliance with The Mandarin and their attempts to turn her into his personal assassin.

For unexplained reasons they had forgotten all about that cliffhanger in the next issue so everyone was alive and well when the cavalry arrived.

As you've probably guessed with Psylocke KOed Sabertooth was free to run amuck leading to yet another unresolved showdown with Wolverine. If you'd like to see a Sabertooth versus Wolverine fight scene go see the movie which also includes several good DiD scenes. I'll be making more additions to this page eventually but that's it for now.

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