Thundra first showed up in Fantastic Four 153, her homeworld Femazonia was ruled by superstrong amazons who kept the men in their place. The neighbouring world was ruled by superstrong men who kept the women in their place. Not surprisingly they weren't good neighbours. The FF (with Medusa replacing Sue during her pregnancy) managed to sneak away during the chaos caused by the two worlds merging and figured that was that. Unfortunately Thundra had been smitten by The Thing and figured he'd make the perfect mate. So she travelled to Earth and joined the perpetually shorthanded supervillain team, The Frightful Four, to get a shot at grabbing him. This didn't endear her to The Trapster, The Sandman or The Wizard and they parted on bad terms. Having vowed not to return home without Ben Grimm, Thundra bided her time waiting for the right opportunity, That seemed to have arrived in Fantastic Four #178. The Frighful Four (once again reduced to a trio) captured the Fantastic Four inside their Baxter Building Headquarters then started running auditions for a fourth member. To Thundra this seemed the perfect opportunity to pulverise her former teammates and grab The Thing for herself. Unfortunately while The Sandman was a pushover she had underestimated The Trapster.
With her out cold The Trapster wrapped temporary paste bonds around the unconscious femazon until he could come up with something better.
The answer to which arrived during Tigra's ill fated attempt to free the Fantastic Four.
Tigra managed to free The Human Torch and The Thing before being captured along with Johnny Storm. With The Thing dumped into The Negative Zone, The Trapster stuck Thundra in Ben's place on the Doom Fan (or whatever it was called) then got to work rigging up a new gizmo to hold The Thing once they retrieved him.
It definitely wasn't Thundra's day, not only was she stuck hanging upside down but now The Wizard was trying to bore her to death with his scheme for ransoming the Fantastic Four to New York (see the Tigra page for more details).
The short version of which is the city didn't have the money when the deadline rolled around.
So how'd they get out of this one? Well alien TV junkie The Impossible Man inadvertently freed everyone trying to re-energise his television. There was actually nothing wrong with it but he'd never see a station sigh off and test pattern before. Anyway Thundra hung around with the FF until shortly before they broke up yet again. She fell in with a group of women wrestlers turned supervillainesses, The Grapplers, who worked for the Roxxon Corporation. Roxxon wanted to destroy the Project Pegasus alternate fuels research and made Thundra unspecified promises that presumably connected to The Thing. What she didn't know was that since the Fantastic Four had broken up yet again Ben was working security for Project Pegasus. This lead to a knock down drag out fight that ended before there was a clear winner with the arrival of the rest of the security special forces.
Pardoned for subsequently helping save Pegasus Thundra eventually gave up on Ben and returned home. What she's been doing since have no idea though I did hear her homeworld popped up during John Byrne's second run in She Hulk so maybe she joined in the action.

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