Tigra the Were-Woman

Greer Nelson started her career as The Cat possessing heightened agility and counting on her martial arts skills to make her a match for the bad guys. She was wrong and was fatally wounded by a Hydra agent. At which point her mentor revealed herself to be part of a hidden race of mystic cat people who were willing to use their magic to heal her. The good news was this would give her superhuman strength, speed and senses. The bad news was that she wound up halfway between being a human being and a cat person. Greer renamed herself Tigra the Were-Woman, an odd title as traditonally Weres change back and forth between human and beast form while she was permanently Tigra. Her first few adventures didn't get her much publicity so in Fantastic Four #178 when the Frightful Four (who were down to three members) took over the Baxter Building, captured the Fantastic Four and then announced they were holding auditions for a fourth member she was able to get in by claiming to be a supervillainess about to start her career. The Thing recognised her having given her a hand against a renegade cat-person awhile back but he kept his mouth shut. Having been doublecrossed by their last two female members,Medusa and Thundra (the latter of whom had just failed in her attempt to pulverise her former teammates) The Trapster and The Sandman were less than eager to sign up a third but their Leader, The Wizard was suceptible to Tigra's charms. Giving her a chance to get close to the control panel for The Trapster's Deathtrap.

Unfortunately while she managed to free The Thing and the Human Torch the arrival of an evil alternate Reed Richards (no, really!) in his new identity as The Brute tipped the balance back to the supervillains. While Ben Grimm and Evil Reed duked it out the Frightful Four (or Three) took care of Greer and Johnny.

So when Ben Grimm recovered from his involuntary trip to the Negative Zone he found Thundra occupying his old place on the Doom-Fan (or whatever it was called) and Tigra glued onto it as an optional extra.

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Not that the Frightful Four weren't having problems of their own as The Brute was eager to kill his counterpart and didn't like being told to wait.

Unfortunately The Wizard was able to convince Evil Reed that he just wanted to wait long enough to collect a ransom for the FF and if it wasn't paid by 3 am they'd be getting rid of them. The Trapster noted that since they hadn't mentioned acquiring Tigra and Thundra if they did have to free the Fantastic Four they could still get rid of them.

New York City turned out to be broke and despite appeals to recently defeated President Ford, not yet inaugerated President Carter and that defeated Republican longshot candidate everyone knew would never be President (a guy by the name of Ronald Reagan) the mayor couldn't get the money. So it looked like curtains for everyone until The Impossible Man accidentally shorted out the building trying to jumpstart his television. The Trapster's gizmo shut down and the FF and Thundra freed themselves. Tigra was still bound as the paste bonds from the Trapster's glue gun didn't need to do anything but set and harden. However that didn't mean she was helpless.

With the defeat of the Frightful Four (except for Evil Reed but that's another story) Tigra decided to hang out with the Fantastic Four for awhile and developed a crush on The Thing. Eventually she moved on, vanishing from public view until she resurfaced in The Avengers. Questioning her courage she quit the team despite having just saved the world from the Molecule Man. She reappeared in San Francisco, home of the original Spider Woman. For more on that meeting check the next page.

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